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100% Silver Fiber Ultrathin Mesh Fabric

Model No.: TF-DYZAK

The surface of the fabric is wrapped in 100% pure silver, which has very good shielding and anti-radiation properties. The surface is conductive and can provide 5G protection. High transparency and high air permeability.

Silver Mesh Fabric

Silver mesh fabric is a type of textile material that incorporates silver fibers or threads into its construction. This fabric is known for its unique properties, which include conductivity, antimicrobial capabilities, and reflective properties. It's often used in various applications where these features are desirable. 

Technical Data:

Model No.: TF-DYZAK

Composition100% silver fiber
Weight35 g/sqm
Width150 cm
Surface Resistivity< 0.5 Ohm/sq
Shielding Effectiveness> 45 dB / 99.99% (10MHz - 4GHz)

SE in Applications

GSM 900 MHz                        > 50 dB

GSM 1.8 GHz                           > 46 dB

Blue Tooth/WLAN 2.45 GHz   > 46 dB

WLAN new Gen. 5.8 GHz        > 44 dB

X-Band Radar 9.5 GHz          > 43 dB


SE dB / %

40 dB = 99.99%

50 dB = 99.999%

Shielding, anti-radiation tents, anti-radiation canopy bedspreads, anti-radiation curtains, anti-radiation clothing lining, shielding home textiles, conductive grounding products, human touch control products, medical antibacterial products, anti-static and conductive products, shielding work clothes, anti-radiation Tooling, protective clothing for special industries, etc.


Silver mesh fabric is utilized in a range of industries and products, including:

Medical Textiles: Wound dressings, bandages, surgical gowns, and other medical textiles benefit from the antimicrobial properties of silver mesh fabric.

Sportswear and Wearable Technology: Silver mesh fabric can be incorporated into sportswear to provide moisture-wicking properties, odor control, and conductivity for integrating electronic devices.

Electromagnetic Shielding: Silver mesh fabric is used in applications that require electromagnetic shielding, such as in RF shielding enclosures, electronics, and industrial environments.

Reflective Clothing: Silver mesh fabric is employed in safety clothing and accessories to enhance visibility in low-light conditions.

Decorative and Fashion Applications: Silver mesh fabric can be used for decorative purposes in fashion design, creating unique and futuristic designs.

The surface of the fabric is wrapped in 100% pure silver, and the monofilament is 20D nylon mesh. It has good shielding and anti-radiation performance, can provide 5G protection, the surface has good conductivity, and can be grounded. Very light, highly transparent and highly breathable. Antibacterial and deodorizing, eliminate static electricity.

Here are some key aspects of silver mesh fabric

Conductivity: Silver is an excellent conductor of electricity, and when woven into a mesh fabric, it can provide electrical conductivity. This makes silver mesh fabric suitable for applications that require grounding, electromagnetic shielding, or conductivity, such as in electronic devices, wearable technology, and medical equipment.

Antimicrobial Properties: Silver has natural antimicrobial properties, meaning it can inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. This property makes silver mesh fabric particularly useful in medical textiles, wound dressings, and clothing where hygiene and infection control are important.

Reflective Properties: Due to its metallic nature, silver mesh fabric can be highly reflective. This property can be advantageous in applications where visibility or reflectivity is important, such as in safety clothing, outdoor gear, and industrial settings.

Flexible and Lightweight: Silver mesh fabrics can be engineered to be lightweight and flexible, which allows for their integration into various products without compromising comfort or mobility.

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