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Ripstop silver conductive cloth

Model No.: TF-DYL2

100% Silver Coated Fabric (20% silver / 80% polyamide)

Width: 150 cm

Weight:80 ± 5 g/sqm


Anti-oxidation and anti-perspiration coatings are provided if required.

TF-DYL2 is a 100% silver plated nylon fabric. Conductivity: 0.2Ω/cm, can effectively shield high frequency electromagnetic. It can be used for electronic circuits, 5G base stations, industrial product shielding and household EMF shielding.

Ripstop silver conductive cloth, high density, unique tear resistance. Ultra-low resistance (conductivity: 0.2Ω/cm) and stable shielding performance, it is an ideal material for radiation protection clothing, electromagnetic protection tooling, antibacterial clothing, conductive products, and home textiles. It has the functions of shielding electromagnetic waves, preventing radiation, removing static electricity, natural green, antibacterial and deodorizing (garbage), and regulating body temperature.

Care Instructions for Silver Fibers and Fabrics:

◆Hand wash

◆The water temperature should not exceed 50℃

◆Avoid direct sunlight to prevent silver from accelerating oxidation.

◆Do not use chlorine-based cleaners containing bleach or any type.

◆Do not iron.

◆Do not use a clothes dryer. Dry in the shade.

◆Avoid using in high salt or sulfurized air conditions.

Ripstop silver conductive cloth

Ideal material for industrial conductive shielding applications, shielding/radiation protection clothing, high shielding/conductive special clothing, home textile products, antibacterial clothing, medical products, conductive products, smart wear, and anti-static products.

The special tear-proof weaving method is more tough than ordinary silver-plated fabrics, and the sterling silver is covered on the surface of the high-density woven fabric, so that the fabric has extremely high electromagnetic shielding effect and extremely low conductivity.

extremely low resistance, shielding electromagnetic waves, anti-radiation, antibacterial, deodorizing (garbage), eliminating static electricity, stimulating muscles, regulating body temperature, anti-ultraviolet, natural green, high air permeability.

The best conductive/shielding fabric with antibacterial function, soft and comfortable. As a natural material, silver is completely healthy, eco/green and economical.

The silver coating will be oxidized after exposed to the air for a long time, resulting in discoloration. And, however, it has no effect on the conductive / shielding performance.

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