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Functional yarn

Conductive Yarn 

Conductive yarn is a specialized type of textile material that incorporates conductive elements, such as metallic fibers or coatings, into its structure. This integration of conductivity allows the yarn to conduct electrical signals, making it suitable for various applications that require electrical connectivity or functionality within fabric-based products. 

Functional yarns are divided into pure silver-plated fiber yarns, high temperature resistant and fire-resistant conductive yarns, pure stainless steel fiber yarns, stainless steel short fibers and cotton or polyester blended yarns, stainless steel ultra-fine filaments, copper microfilaments, etc.

Conductivity in combination with yarns

The electrical conductivity of yarns can be realized by various production techniques: plasma metal coatings, chemical electroplated coatings, stainless steel yarns, pure metal filaments or carbon-loaded yarns. Depending on the type, these technologies can be applied to filament yarns, staple yarns and fibers.

The diversity of production technologies therefore meets all customer requirements, as there is no "one" conductive yarn. Instead, there are solutions for applications requiring high or low conductivity values.


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