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Stainless steel braid

Stainless Steel Fabric

Stainless steel conductive fabricsare ideal for use as grounding sheets and anti-static clothing. Blocks RFID/RF. reduces EMF/EMI protection. Conductive fabric protects against radiation/high frequency signals/WiFi. maintains the working integrity of electronic equipment in the event of an EMP or CME.

Features and Benefits

Highly conductive

Many different colors  

RF/EMI/EMF/LF shielding

Super Ground / Ground Cloth


Radiation/Radio Wave/Microwave Shielding 

Very easy to cut and sew

How to make metal fiber fabrics and the difference

Metal fiber fabrics made by knitting: good softness, good ductility

It has elasticity. Metal fiber fabrics made by weaving: good softness, high strength, better robustness (not easy to deform).

Knitted or woven fiber fabrics are mainly used in the production of automotive glass (covering automotive glass bending of the positive mold mold), glass bottle containers, touch screen and cell phone glass panels and so on. Stainless steel fiber fabrics are flexible and supple mainly used as barrier fabrics to prevent thermal shock cracks or scratches during glass forming/manufacturing applications.

The material's high temperature resistance ensures smooth production of automotive glass, windshields, rear window glass, side window glass and sunroofs. The excellent corrosion resistance of our materials enables the production of automotive glass with the highest optical quality under the harshest bending conditions.


Use to ground sheets, bags, curtains, tents, hoods, anti-static clothing, e-textiles and more. Can be used as an insert in wallets or handbags to protect your credit cards from data theft. Can also be used to shield rooms and booths such as car security key packs. Effectively shield cell phone towers, wireless routers, microwave signals, smart meters, security systems, radar and more. EMI/EMF shielding and EMP protection for electronic devices. High shielding conductive fabric for blocking RF signals from cell phone, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, etc.  


Stainless steel products, including stainless steel fabrics, webbing, conductive ropes, grounding wires, etc.

Can be customized according to specifications and technical parameters.

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