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Stainless steel braid

Stainless Steel Braid

Stainless steel braid is a specialized type of shielding material made from woven stainless steel wires, designed to provide protection against electromagnetic radiation. This braid is engineered to offer shielding capabilities that help block or attenuate electromagnetic fields, including radiofrequency (RF) radiation and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Here are key points about radiation-proof stainless steel braid:

Electromagnetic Shielding: Radiation-proof stainless steel braid is specifically designed to block or reduce the penetration of electromagnetic radiation. It acts as a barrier that reflects, absorbs, or disperses electromagnetic waves, preventing them from passing through the shielded area.

Construction: Similar to standard stainless steel braid, radiation-proof braid consists of interwoven stainless steel wires. The braiding pattern and the materials used are optimized to enhance the braid's shielding capabilities while maintaining flexibility.

RF and EMI Protection: This type of braid is commonly used in applications where protection against RF signals and electromagnetic interference is necessary. It can help safeguard sensitive electronic devices, equipment, and systems from external electromagnetic noise that could disrupt their operation.


Radiation-proof stainless steel braid finds applications in various industries, including:

Electronics and Telecommunications: It's used to shield cables, wires, and electronic components from external electromagnetic interference that could compromise their performance or security.

Medical Equipment: In medical facilities, radiation-proof braid can be used to shield sensitive medical devices from electromagnetic interference, ensuring accurate readings and proper functionality.

Aerospace and Defense: Critical aerospace and defense systems may incorporate radiation-proof braid to protect communication systems, avionics, and electronic warfare equipment from external electromagnetic threats.

Research Facilities: Laboratories and research facilities that require precise measurements and controlled environments may use radiation-proof braid to minimize interference from external electromagnetic sources.

Industrial Settings: In industrial environments, this type of braid can protect sensitive instrumentation, control systems, and communication networks from electromagnetic noise.


Stainless steel products, including stainless steel fabrics, webbing, conductive ropes, grounding wires, etc.

Can be customized according to specifications and technical parameters.

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