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EMF Protection Blankets

Model No.: TF-YEBHT

Face: 100% Cotton 

Back: 100% Silver Fiber

Size:: 75*75 cm or Custimized

Color:Pattern optional or customized

EMF Baby Blanket & Swaddling.composed of 100% silver fiber fabric + cotton fabric, has functions such as breathable, skin-friendly, antibacterial, and EMF protection.Custom size available.

EMF Baby Blanket consists of 6 layers of pure cotton mesh fabric + 100% silver fiber shielding fabric (TF-DY-B1K). There are many kinds of patterns to choose from, size: 75*75CM, the size can be customized.

EMF Baby Blanket has the characteristics of breathability, softness, water absorption and antibacterial, which can effectively shield the damage of electromagnetic radiation to babies. Besides Swaddling, it can also be used as a blanket.

EMF Protection Blankets

EMF Protection Blankets

EMF Protection Blankets

EMF Protection Blankets

Silver fiber + cotton, electromagnetic shielding baby blanket, in addition to swaddle babies, can also be used as a blanket or sheet. Sizes and brands are available upon request.

Electromagnetic shielding blanket to protect babies from electromagnetic radiation.

Good air permeability, soft and skin-friendly, natural antibacterial, anti-radiation, washable, deodorant, conductive, etc.

The best conductive/shielding fabric with antibacterial function, soft and comfortable. As a natural material, silver is completely healthy, eco/green and economical.

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