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EMI / EMP shielding sheath

Model No.: TF-JZ-LD1

Flexible shield of the cable.

It can more conveniently shield the cable, and can be customized according to the width, provide good protection for the cable and avoid interference with the cable, and the cable can be easily replaced at any time.

EMI Cable Shielding Jacket

EMI shielding cable jacket is made of conductive and flame retardant sheet and is used for wire arrangement and EMI shielding.Suitable for use in cables for semiconductor equipment, power construction, various electric/communication switchboards, and EMI/RFI-shield-related works.

How to use

The diameter after fastening the cable jacket should be about 10-20% larger than the diameter of the wire bundle. If the cable jacket is too tight, the binding part might open when the cable jacket is bent.

After the cable jacket is fastened, the grounding wire(braided wire) attached to the cable jacket should touch the aluminum surface well.

Fix wires and cable jackets using cable ties at both ends and connect the grounding part of the equipment and the extension cord at the end of the cable jacket.

Accessories such as sliders(fastening) and stoppers(preventing loose ends) could make the job easier.

Electronics and Telecommunications: In the electronics and telecommunications industry, EMI shielding jackets are employed to protect cables used in devices, such as computers, smartphones, routers, and other electronic equipment. These jackets help prevent electromagnetic interference that can disrupt signal transmission and cause data errors or loss.

Medical Equipment: EMI shielding jackets are utilized in medical equipment and devices to ensure proper functioning and accurate data transmission. This is particularly crucial in sensitive medical environments where the interference from electromagnetic radiation can affect the performance and reliability of the equipment.

Aerospace and Defense: EMI cable shielding jackets are extensively employed in the aerospace and defense sectors. They are used to protect cables in aircraft, satellites, radar systems, military vehicles, and other defense-related applications. These jackets help maintain the integrity of communication systems, prevent interference, and ensure the safety and reliability of critical equipment.

Automotive Industry: In the automotive industry, EMI shielding jackets are used to shield cables in vehicles. They help prevent electromagnetic interference that can affect the performance of electronic systems, including the engine control unit (ECU), infotainment systems, and various sensors present in modern vehicles.

Industrial Applications: EMI cable shielding jackets find applications in industrial settings where there is a significant presence of electromagnetic radiation. They are used to protect cables in factories, power plants, automation systems, control rooms, and other industrial environments to maintain signal integrity and prevent interference-induced disruptions.

The EMI cable shielding jackets are typically made from materials with high electrical conductivity, such as copper or aluminum. These materials create a conductive shield around the cables, effectively blocking or redirecting electromagnetic interference. The jackets may also incorporate additional layers or features to provide mechanical strength, flexibility, and resistance to environmental factors like moisture or temperature.

EMI shielding effectiveness is excellent and available to adjust properties such as flame retardance, conductivity, insulation, etc.

An electrical grounding function is available.

Easy installation and excellent wire protection
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