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Silver fiber modal stretch fabric

Silver Fiber Stretch Fabric

This medical grade silver plated 32% silver + 63% modal + 5%sp elastane fabric has a unique 4-way stretch. Can be used as an antimicrobial wound dressing (note: our material is not sterile), but it's also great for electrode contacts, stretch hats, socks, gloves, or other garments. 

32% silver + 63% modal + 5%sp


Width: 150 cm

Weight:150±5 g/sqm

Stretch, natural antibacterial, deodorant, barrier fabric. Soft, breathable, removes odor, commonly used in men's and women's underwear, clothing, baby protection, etc.

Silver fiber modal stretch fabric has good stretch performance, can be stretched on 4 sides, has good air permeability, light and thin, natural Antibacterial, anti-radiation, smooth, washable, deodorant, conductive and other characteristics. For rfid blocking, emf shielding, emi shielding. There are silver fibers on the front and back, which is a good material for making underwear and infant clothing.

Silver fiber modal stretch fabric

Care Instructions for Silver Fibers and Fabrics:

◆Hand wash

◆The water temperature should not exceed 50℃

◆Avoid direct sunlight to prevent silver from accelerating oxidation.

◆Do not use chlorine-based cleaners containing bleach or any type.

◆Do not iron.

◆Do not use a clothes dryer. Dry in the shade.

◆Avoid using in high salt or sulfurized air conditions.

Shielding/conductive/radiation-proof fabrics, radiation-proof (EMF) shielding clothing, conductive and antibacterial shielding home textiles, anti-bacterial and anti-static underwear, anti-bacterial and anti-static socks, infant protective equipment, sterilized medical supplies, sports, muscle-stimulating sports clothing, anti-bacterial and anti-static Static electricity supplies, smart home, smart clothing, safe touch conditioning products, conductive shielding gloves and footwear. Conductive products and anti-static products.

Thermal Regulation: It can conduct and reflect the heat released by the body, which may contribute to the thermal regulation of body temperature.

Anti-static: Silver ions quickly eliminate static electricity generated by friction.

Natural and permanent: the yarn contains pure silver without any chemicals, so this is what makes it safe for the body and the environment. The pure silver is bonded to the surface of the yarn, ensuring that it remains functional after many washes.

Anti-bacterial: proven to be effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mold within one hour.

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