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Silver Cotton Shielding Fabric

Model No.: TF-BZ-SM1

Face: 100% Cotton

Back: 100% Silver Fiber 

Width: 150 cm

Weigh: 160±5 g/sqm

Conductivity: < 0.2Ω/cm  

Shielding Effectiveness: 60dB / 99.9% (10MHz - 3GHz)

Double Faced Silver Shielding/Conductive Fabric is made of one side pure cotton yarn and the other side pure silver fiber yarn. It has good conductivity/shielding performance.

Technical Data:


Face: 100% Cotton
Back: 100% Silver Fiber 

Width: 150 cm

Weigh: 160±5 g/sqm

Conductivity: < 0.2Ω/cm  

Shielding Effectiveness: 60dB / 99.9% (10MHz - 3GHz)

For personal/medical protective equipment, it is the perfect fabric for shielding/anti-radiation/antibacterial clothing. Clothing, bedding, electrical shielding covers, grounding, curtains, medical and health products, power protective clothing, etc.

The special woven design makes the fabric conductive on one side (silver fiber) and insulated on the other side (pure cotton), with high shielding performance, even at high frequencies, with very good shielding attenuation, low resistance, anti-radiation, effective shielding of electromagnetic waves, antibacterial, and elimination of static electricity And other characteristics. Soft touch, good ventilation and other characteristics.

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