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Silver and Bamboo Fiber Knitted Fabric

Model No.: TF-YZ-A76

12% Silver + 80% Bamboo + 8% SP

Width: 150 cm

Weight:110±5 g/sqm

Natural antibacterial, deodorizing, shielding fabric composed of silver and bamboo fibers. Soft, breathable, removes odor, often used in men's and women's underwear, clothing, baby protection, etc.

Bamboo Fiber Silver Fabric

Bamboo fiber silver fabric is very suitable for making grounding sheets, anti-static shielding clothing, shielding bags, curtains, etc. Block RFID/RF. Reduced EMF/EMI protection. Conductive fabric protects against radiation/high frequency signals/WiFi. Maintain the operational integrity of electronic equipment in the event of an EMP or CME.

Features and Benefits

High conductivity

RF/EMI/EMF/LF shielding

Super Ground/Ground Cloth


Radiation/Radio Wave/Microwave Shielding

Very easy to cut and sew

Silver and Bamboo Fiber Knitted Fabric

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