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Double-sided Shielding Fabric, Cotton and Metal Fiber

Cost-effective, very good shielding effectiveness, mostly used to shield high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. It has a wide range of uses and good electrical conductivity.

EMF Blocking Materials

EMF (Electromagnetic Field) blocking material refers to materials that can reduce or block the transmission of electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices. Electromagnetic radiation is a type of energy that is emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, and other electronic appliances.

A wide range of EMF shielding materials designed for those who want to create customized protection solutions against electromagnetic radiation. We offer a wide range of RF shielding conductive fabrics suitable for creating garments, curtains and other protective items. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, these high-quality materials provide effective EMF shielding, offering versatility and top-notch protection for any project.

Double-sided Shielding Fabric, Cotton and Metal Fiber

Technical Data:


Face: 100% cotton

Back: 30% stainless steel fiber, 70% CVC (45% polyester / 25% cotton)

Weight: 190 g/sqm

Width: 150 cm

Conductivity: 15-20Ω/cm  

Surface Resistivity: < 50 Ohm/sq

Shielding Effectiveness: ≥ 35 dB / 99.9% (10MHz - 3GHz)

Color: customized

CompositionFace 100% cotton, Back 30% stainless steel fiber / 45% polyester / 25% cotton
Weight190 g/sqm
Width150 cm
Surface Resistivity< 50 Ohm/sq
Shielding Effectiveness≥ 35 dB / 99.9% (10MHz - 3GHz)

What are EMF Blocking Materials?

EMF Blocking Materials are fabrics used to protect windows, sleeping environments, floors and the body from EMF radiation. These fabrics are made from materials that block EMFs, such as silver and copper.

EMF blocking materials is ideal for a myriad of applications including the creation of RF test chambers, shielded Faraday cages, electronic shielding/protection, and shielded clothing to protect personnel from high levels of RF and EMC radiation.

Some common features of EMF blocking materials include:

Conductivity: EMF blocking materials are typically conductive, meaning they can absorb, reflect or scatter electromagnetic radiation.

Durability: Many EMF blocking materials are designed to be durable and long-lasting, so they can continue to effectively block electromagnetic radiation over time.

Flexibility: Some EMF blocking materials, such as conductive fabric or graphene, are flexible and can be easily incorporated into a wide range of products.

Lightweight: Many EMF blocking materials are lightweight, making them ideal for use in portable devices such as smartphones or laptops.

Cost: The cost of EMF blocking materials can vary widely depending on the type of material and the application. Some materials may be more expensive than others, and the cost may also depend on the quantity of material needed.

Effectiveness: The effectiveness of EMF blocking materials can vary depending on the specific material and the application. It is important to ensure that the material used is appropriate for the intended purpose and that it provides adequate protection against electromagnetic radiation.

Compatibility: EMF blocking materials should be compatible with the device or system they are being used with, to ensure that they do not interfere with its operation or performance.

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