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Shield curtain fabric

EMF Curtain Fabric

EMF Shielding Materials, designed for those who want to create customized protection solutions against electromagnetic radiation. Our inventory includes a variety of RF shielding conductive fabrics suitable for creating garments, curtains and other protective items. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, these high-quality materials provide effective EMF shielding, offering versatility and top-notch protection for any project.

The shielding mesh fabric is composed of silver fiber + cotton, which has obvious antibacterial and shielding effects, and is mostly used in hospital and family curtains.

18% Silver + 82% Cotton

Width: 250 cm

Weight:63±5 g/sqm

Silver Cotton Mesh Screening Fabric

Silver Cotton Mesh Screening Fabric

Protect yourself from radiation protection from 5G as well as WiFi routers, antenna masts, 4G, 3G, GSM, smartphones, DECT phones, Bluetooth, meters and many other sources of microwave/RF radiation with fabrics that have emf. In this section you will find EMF radiation protection fabrics that can protect your windows, your sleeping environment and even your body. The various EMF protective fabrics offered are made from materials that block EMFs. Once you have determined the type of EMFs you need to shield against, you can choose from EMF fabrics for apparel, EMF-blocking materials for electronics, or EMF-shielding fabrics for drapes, curtains, or bedding. 

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