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25% Stainless Steel Shielding Fabric

Containing 25% stainless steel fiber shielding fabric, compact structure, soft and smooth hand feeling, good shielding and anti-radiation performance.

Composition26% stainless steel fiber, 37% polyester, 37% cotton
Weight130 g/sqm
Width150 cm
Surface Resistivity< 40 Ohm/sq
Shielding Effectiveness> 40 dB / 99.99% (10MHz-3GHz)

Curtains, clothing, electronic product protective covers, shielding caps, conductive products, machine room tooling and curtains, power protective clothing, shielding bags, etc.

The fabric has a tightly woven structure, a very good hand feel, soft and smooth, has good shielding and anti-radiation performance, good air permeability, and can maintain the shielding effect for a long time.
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